About us

We are Palermo Calcio Popolare, an amateur football team, born in 2016.

We started off from the last championship of the Italian League, third category, and after winning 2 seasons we are now in the First Category League.

We are a fan-owned team. We do not have a President, or Chairman that decides on his own, but there is a base, made up of ordinary associates and supporters, who take decisions.

We are tired of seeing our beloved sport in the hands of business men, to the lobbies, to football scouts, and laws that forbid the fan to be the centre of this sport. ‘FOOTBALL BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE’ is one of our motto, and we firmly believe it. We are far from the dynamic of modern football, we like old-fashioned football, full of passion, sweat and without the victory run mentality. A freer football, without President-owned club. On our part, we are trying debunking modern football. Our players and our Managers are not paid, they do it willingly and without any profit. We also have a school with two youth teams at affordable prices.

The Founders of the club are Palermo FC supporters, and this means that our home games are scheduled according to the home match of Palermo FC, so that we can support our beloved team at the Stadium.

Palermo FC is our only love, and Palermo Calcio Popolare is a different idea of playing football.

In the pre-season 2019-2020 we were honoured to play a friendly game along with Palermo FC, not against, just because you cannot play against what you love. Moreover, the President of Palermo FC is one of our supporter, and he is passionate about our view of football. We love our City, and therefore our crest is just an icon of the City, The Genio di Palermo. Palermo is sacred to our eyes.

We do not know where we can get, however we know what we want. For sure, we want football to be available for everyone, against modern football and we teach this idea to the kids in our school. Winning is always pleasant, but winning with players who are not paid is unique, special and different. In our League all other teams have players who are paid or get refunds, but not with us. And that’s why our players are special, and we appreciate them.

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