Another Years as ‘POPOLARI’

Same steps, same chants, same colours. Today is the final day of the season of the Palermo Calcio Popolare.

Our boys ended the season with a 2-1 victory against Belice Sport. The chart is not with us for just 2 points, those 2 points that do not allow us to play the play-offs. Despite that, we are happy, because during this season we gave a lot, and despite a difficult start, we reaped a lot of satisfactions.

Thank to the players, to our Manager, to our Staff, to our Associates, to our Fans and supporters, to all those who chanted, to all those who supported the Genio by buying a shirt, a jersey, a scarf, a magnet, a sticker, thanks to our sponsors, to all those who came when we played home and to all those who came with us by coach to the away games, to all those who bought 3-4 beers at bars, to all those who make our choreography, to all those who made themselves available with their cars and home, to all those who fed us and gave us something to drink, thanks to the French Legion, to our German, Swiss, British friends and all those around the country. Thanks to those who filmed and took pictures. Thank to all those who washed our playing kits, to those who played the drums, to Maestro Azzurra that always inspires us. Thanks to those who prepared our flags and to those who bought new ones.

Thank to our youngsters that wore our greenpinklandblack shirt and that were singing along with us on the stands, thanks to their families that believed in us.

Thanks for belonging to the greenpinkblack family.

Thanks for living a year as Popolari!!

Amunì Genio!!